Tech Week

Due to Covid-19, Tech Week 2020 at St.Kilian’s JNS could not got ahead.

Tech Week 2019

Tech Week 2019 took place from 6th to 10th May and St. Kilian’s JNS got involved.

The children were busy during the week using their iPads and digital cameras for a variety of projects. The event was registered on The children used their interactive whiteboards with their teachers to learn the skills needed for drawing.  They watched suggested videos on YouTube about how to draw a house (junior infants), a sailboat (senior infants), a castle (first and second classes). The children then completed their own art work step by step.

A winner was selected in each class and each winner received their digital art certificate and prize at assembly on 17th May.

The class winners were:

  • Room 1 – Caela Leslie
  • Room 2 – Danny Guy
  • Room 3 – Aoibhe Dargan
  • Room 5 – Saoirse Flynn
  • Room 6 –  Callum Burke
  • Room 9 – Éabha Ryder
  • Room 10 – David O’Hara
  • Room 11 – Kaydee Roche-O’Malley
  • Room 15 – Chloe Gibson
  • Room 16 – Kirstie McCabe

Well done to the winners and to all the children in the school for their great art work.

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