Health and Wellbeing Week 2020

Health and Wellbeing Week at St.Kilian’s Junior School.

Saint Kilian’s Junior School re-opened on August 27th and a series of Health and Safety measures were put in place to support our pupils and our staff. Children were taught how to wash their hands thoroughly and also how to use the hand sanitizer effectively. All children were given a box to put all their own books and stationary in, they were seated in a pod of 7-8 children and the pods were separated within the classroom. Our Health and Wellbeing Week was very different to other years, however our focus was to settle the children back to school as smoothly as possible.

The children revisited their healthy eating policy and talked about the benefits of drinking lots of water. Our Health and Wellbeing Week also focused on the children’s mental health. Our teachers worked through a series of lessons dealing with anxiety and gave the children strategies to deal with it. Class teachers have also started their Mindfulness programme which will continue throughout the year. Mindfulness gives children a space to retreat to in their minds when their lives become stressful.

The focus of the week was on Kindness and showing kindness to each other. Nina for Life supplied us with small Buddy Bears and one child from each class,  who was making a really special effort to be kind, was presented with a bear and a kindness certificate. Photos on the  Buddy Seat and Buddy Bear page under school initiatives

The children all engaged in art lessons designed to promote unity in their classes, and designed to help the children reconnect with their friends and classmates. They also designed tags for the Tree of Thankfulness in the school hall. They drew their friends on the tags this year and reflected on how much they had missed each other during the break. See photo gallery below.


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