Friendship Week 2023

The children celebrated Friendship Week  from 7th-10th February last and enjoyed a week of activities to promote the importance of friendship. All our activities focused on the children’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

They continued with our mindfulness programme which benefited all children and especially those who experience anxiety frequently. 

During the week, the children used positive affirmation cards, engaged in circle time activities and learned songs about friendship. They also enjoyed art activities and friendship games which promoted social skills. They decorated our “tree of thankfulness” with drawings of their friends.  

The children also had “buddy reading day” on Wednesday where the children from the older classes read to the younger children, and new friendships were made! 

Throughout the week, the children were active doing go-noodle, Cosmic yoga and outdoor exercise. Our healthy eating lunchbox policy was revisited and all children received a lunchbag with a lunchbox and beaker as a reward for healthy eating. 

We had a wonderful week of activities and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you to Ms. Ronan for organising all the activities.

See photos below:

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