Active Week

Active Week took place in St. Kilian’s Junior School between 9th and 13th May. The children enjoyed Hip Hop with Ann on Monday and their Mindfulness sessions with Ms. Rafferty on Tuesday. Hector worked with them on their football skills on Wednesday and we had our Whole School Walk on Thursday. Paddy Baker coached them in GAA skills on Friday. It was a great week. our sincerest thanks to Ms. Black and Ms. Carr for organising the week and to all our coaches for their hard work, time and energy.

Thank you to all the families who sent in their funds for the sponsored walk, we really appreciate it. All the funds raised will replenish our maths equipment for the upcoming school year. One child will be chosen at random in each class for returning their cards and they will receive a Smyth’s voucher.

See photos of our activities below:

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