Green Schools

St. Kilian’s Junior School has successfully achieved Seven Green Flags:

  • Litter and Waste (2009)
  • Energy (2011)
  • Water (2013)
  • Transport (2015)
  • Biodiversity (2017)
  • Global Citizenship (2019)
  • Global Citizenship – Energy (2022)

Green School’s News 

 This year we begin working towards our eighth green flag for the school, which is the Global Citizenship- Marine Environment Flag. This focuses on raising awareness of marine eco systems and the work being done to save them.  

In September, each class made a pledge for climate action week. After the mid-term, we will carry out our climate action surveys with the children and we will hold our art and slogan competition. 

The school will also begin the challenge to become battery recycling champions as part of a nationwide initiative, which will also help raise funds for children’s hospice LauraLynn. Binning batteries leads to a loss of really valuable resources that are increasingly in short supply, as well as causing harm to the environment. So, let’s call on our friends, neighbours and the community to help our school recycle as many batteries as we can! 

Green Committee 2022/2023 

Lily Abbey

Tommie Bramble

Kayleigh Behan

Kate Kavanagh

Cara O’Connor

Calvin Kennedy

Nina Breivik

Maeve Quinn

Ben Kilby

Dylan McCabe

Ellie Flannagan

Daragh Bradley

Bonnie Bracken Haverty



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