Buddy Seat and Buddy Bear

Saint Kilian’s JNS introduced a buddy seat in the school yard in 2017. The Buddy Seat was initiated by NINA, our local mental health charity and made for us by the Tallaght Men’s Shed.

The buddy seat was launched with a special ceremony in our school yard with children, parents, the local community and several guests. The ribbon was cut by Charlie O’Connor. The children sang and released a sea of  yellow balloons.


The buddy seat is a very useful tool to promote positive playtime in the school yard. Every month at assembly, one child from each year group, who is consistently kind to others at playtime, is selected for the Buddy Seat award. Buddy Bear visits our school at the end of every school year to present the kindest children in each class with their own small buddy bear. See photos below of the last Buddy Bear visit in June 2019. Sincere thanks to Jean Haas and all the members of Nina for facilitating the buddy bear initiative.

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