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St. Kilian’s Junior school is currently working towards achieving our second Active School Flag.  We started work last year putting a variety of initiatives in place and will be working with the children and yourselves this year to complete our application and make St Kilian’s even more active!!

All classes and staff have signed the Commitment to be more active!

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As part of the ASF initiative, all classes, after the mid-term break will begin to receive PE homework once a week. All teachers prioritise the following skills from the “Move Well, Move Often” programme: walking, running, throwing and catching.

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Active Week


Physical Activity

We have set up a timetable for children to take turns in bringing out sports equipment to be used at break time for a variety of activities, skipping ropes, hoops, activity circles, hoop games, elastics and more.

Each month the children  learn a new playground game that they can play at yard time as well as at home.

Children are active daily in the classroom with Gonoodle, RTE’s 10@10, and other exercise programmes. During rainy days, children get extra activity time in class through dancing, active games and online exercise programmes.

Throughout the school year, St.Kilian’s runs whole school activities such as Health and Wellbeing Week, whole school walks, Hallow’een Parade, Santa Dash, Run a day challenge etc

The school includes physical activity as part of a variety of subject areas:

Maths Week: Maths Trails inside and outside school

Seachtain na Gaeilge: Irish Dancing

SESE: Nature walks and trails on the active walkway and the park

English: Sound, word and alphabet games on the school walkway.

In addition, children have completed the Active Week Everyday Challenge over four weeks and the 60 minutes physical activity challenge.


As well as appointing a teacher’s committee, each class has appointed two children to the Active Schools Committee and they meet regularly.

The committee organised:

Room 9 to develop the Active Flag slogan, ideas for PE homework, playground games and equipment for the yard along with other projects.

Committee members guide their class in activities at line up time in the yard. They stand at the top of their lines and direct the class.

They distribute equipment for yard time.

They report on active flag developments through announcements on the intercom and in class.

The older committee members help the infant classes learn how to use the equipment and learn the playground games.

The senior classes and their parents have completed fact finding surveys to help further improve PE and physical activity in the school.

Lucy Cush, Local Sports Inclusion Disability Officer presented a workshop in the school to all staff as part of our commitment to physical activity for all. The emphasis was in ensuring all children can participate in all school PE and physical  activity programmes.

Active School Week

Our Active School Week  took place during the week of 27th April 2020.  As all pupils were at home due to covid-19, the children engaged in lots of directed activity at home during the week and completed their Active Challenge Charts at home which were emailed back to teachers. We had a fantastic response. You can see a video, with a compilation of the active week photos sent in by  parents  on our Active Week page.

Please feel free to visit and click on ‘Resources’ and then on ‘Partnerships’ to find out ways that you can help your child be active at home!


St Kilian’s JNS annual Sports Day, always a favourite with the children,  could not go ahead in 2020 but instead we ran a virtual sports day during the week of 15th June based on activities from the “Move Well, Move Often” programme. Parents and children participated with great enthusiasm. See our Sports Day page for details and photos.

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