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Active School Flag (ASF) is a Department of Education initiative supported by Healthy Ireland, and part of the National Physical Activity Plan. The ASF initiative provides schools with a framework to guide, support and incentivise them to work towards achieving a physically educated and physically active school community. 

St Kilian’s Junior School is an active school where physical activity is valued, promoted and enjoyed by all. We achieved our first ASF in 2015. We successfully renewed our ASF in 2021, and are currently working towards renewing our ASF again in 2024. 

 Our Active School Flag Committee 2023/4 

Senior Infants  

Lucy Dacus, George Sweeney,  Jordan Byrne, Sloane Kehoe  

Maria Murphy, Charlie Flanagan  

 1st Class  

Eliza Kane,  Darius Barticel, Lewis Murray, Lexie Boggan-Moran  

Cian Dunlop, Ciara Corrigan 

 2nd Class  

Max Keane Watson, Eimear Newman, Bobby O’Loughlin,

Harper Rose Paris Morgan , Sadie Sweeney Billy Griffin   


Ms. Lehane, Ms. Moore,  Caroline Murphy Joan O’Sullivan 

Our Active School Flag Commitment 

Our Active School Flag Slogan 


Our Active School Flag News 

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