Our History

Our school was founded in 1979, the founding staff of two teachers, Principal Martin Molamphy and Vice Principal Kathleen Carroll spent the first four months of the school’s life in St.Kevin’s Primary School, Kilnamanagh as they and their 67 students awaited the completion of the new school building. They moved in in January 1980. The building’s design was based on a St. Brigid’s cross, having a square at it’s centre and four corridors radiating from it.

Rising pupil numbers saw the opening of the Senior School in 1986 with Garrett Edge as principal.

When Mr. Molamphy retired in 1997, a serving member of staff Kate Sweeney, was appointed Junior School Principal. Ms. Sweeney served as Principal for twenty four years and she retired at the end of August 2021. In 2021, a long serving member of staff Noreen Coll was appointed Principal.

Since it’s inception there have been a number of changes in our school and most of these reflect the changing face of irish schools and society in the 21st century. Five of our sixteen teacher staff now work as a team in support and resource roles.

We have always been lucky in St.Kilian’s with regard to our ancillary staff. Our secretary Tríona Timmins (a.k.a. the tooth fairy) and Paul Owens, caretaker to both schools, along with our nine special needs assistants all help to make our school a holistic community in which local children are educated.